Since the 1940’s, red lipstick has been the key symbol of feminine glamour. The classic red lip has served as a symbol of power. It is assumed you need confidence to wear red lipstick. Actually, it is red lipstick that gives you confidence. When choosing a red... read more

Dealing With Your “Problem Area”

Do you have a “problem area” that you have been struggling with for your entire adult life?  No matter how “skinny” you get, this problem area is always present and the thought of liposuction is just not for you?  About Face Skin Care has the answer!  Welcome to the... read more

5 Things TO DO Before Summer!

Every season, clients head to About Face Skin Care to take care of things that are bothering them, but sometimes they find that they have waited too late in the season to get started. We thought we would dedicate this month’s article to those 5 treatments you want to... read more

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Treating and Delegating Physician: Dr. Tina Ann-Kerr Thompson