BodyFX: Dealing With Your “Problem Area”

Do you have a “problem area” that you have been struggling with for your entire adult life?  No matter how “skinny” you get, this problem area is always present and the thought of liposuction is just not for you?  About Face Skin Care has the answer!  Welcome to the world of Body FX.  You may have seen it on The Doctors and Rachel Ray a couple of weeks ago. Cosmetic magazines are simply raving about it.  Body FX has changed the way we look at body contouring more than anything else in my 20 years in this industry. So, what is the buzz about? Body FX is the first of its kind that combines radio-frequency energy, deep tissue heating and suction-coupled negative pressure. This triple combination allows the Body FX to PERMANENTLY reduce the top 30% of the fat layer of the area treated. Traditional machines would either merely shrink the inside of the fat cell, allowing it to enlarge again and requiring monthly sessions of maintenance. The newer machines that we have seen on the market would only work small areas at a time, requiring multiple hours of very costly sessions.  Body FX will work an entire area in about 40 minutes. Another reason we love the Body FX is because of its safety features.  The device is adjustable so we can set the optimal temperature that is both effective and comfortable for the client.  The hand-piece provides an additional safety feature that is constantly reading the temperature of the skin to ensure it is at a safe range.  These are important aspects to ensure we can provide... read more

In the Mood for Nudes with Youngblood Cosmetics

This spring and summer seasons are all about looking fresh, natural, blushed and bronzed! Natural eyes with bold lips make a statement. Dewy skin, blushed cheeks with a hint of a sun kissed bronzer. This season’s look can be achieved with Youngblood cosmetics. Nude eyes come alive with Youngblood’s Timeless palette. Four beautiful naturally nude colors create a subtle look. Blend colors Doe, Coco, and Desert on the lid and add depth to the lash line with the darkest color Haze. Sundance Mineral Radiance will show off a healthy glow. With an array of bronzy tones it adds shimmering highlights. When lightly dusted all over the face with emphasis to the cheeks it gives the skin the perfect balance of shimmer. Lips must make a statement. Try Youngblood’s bold yet translucent Tangelo or Dragon Fruit for that bright pucker. Top with Coy lip-gloss to finish off this nude spring or summer... read more

What’s Aging You? (Let’s talk about what you can do about it!)

Whether you are celebrating with 48 candles or 84, there is one thing that is guaranteed. Those birthday photos look a bit different every year. Of course, when you are younger you may not be able to put your finger on the exact changes you are noticing. However, over the years those differences become more noticeable.  In consultation, clients will often say, “I still feel like me, but the person in the mirror looks tired and older.” As I have discussed before, About Face Skin Care strives to help clients look refreshed and try to stay away from altering their natural appearance. Hollywood lips and plastic looking skin are not things most of us suburbanites strive to have. It has occurred to me that most clients who seek our help have no idea of the exact changes that are occurring and the things we can do to help combat these unwanted nuisances. “The Eyes (Used to) Have It” – Over the years, the forehead muscles will lengthen allowing the eyebrows to sit lower over the eye. This heaviness can make the eyes look tired or angry. A definite 11 may be noticed between the brows. A small amount of Botox may be used to lift tired looking eyebrows and restore the brow line to its original position. (NOT above the original position as we have seen in many tabloid magazines with “surprised” looking eyes from incorrect use of Botox.)  Many people develop a “trough” beneath the eye that looks dark and sunken.   There are a couple of ways to address this issue. A small amount of Juvederm        ... read more

Sick of age spots? Lumecca IPL is the Answer.

In my 18 years in the skin industry, one of the most common complaints I have heard from women is, “I hate these age spots!” Uneven color can be brought on by sun damage and can make the skin look weathered and older. When this is coupled with flushing or rosacea, it can be very difficult to cover up. The good news is that About Face Skin Care has your answer! We are excited to introduce Lumecca IPL Therapy! IPL is used to treat a variety of skin issues besides just age spots. This therapy is very popular to treat broken vessels, rosacea, flushing, acne, large pores and fine wrinkles. Intense Pulse Light Therapy works to alleviate these problems using high-energy light waves that penetrate just below the skin surface. The treatment “damages” melanin that makes brown spots and “damages” blood vessels that make broken capillaries. The skin repairs itself, producing more collagen and elastin making a tighter, smoother skin surface. Clients must be not have any “tan” on the skin, including natural sun tan, tanning beds and sunless tanners. You must have a consultation with our Senior Laser Specialist to make sure there are no contraindications to getting the treatment and to review the pre and post instructions. At the time of the procedure, your skin will be cleansed and everyone in the room will wear protective eyewear. The treatment itself lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area. Any post effects from the treatment are typically minor and subside in a few hours to a few days. Skin will... read more

No More Turkey Necks – Introducing Fractora!

We have seen treatments that tighten skin. We have seen treatments that smooth lines and wrinkles We have never seen anything like Fractora! Fractora is a treatment that takes the amazing results of Collagen Induction Therapy (or microneedling) and boosts it to a whole new level. During the Fractora treatment, the target area is heated by placing a small brush like device against the skin Radiofrequency energy is then passed through a series of tiny bipolar pins resulting in localized heating and ablation of the skin Ablation of the skin promotes skin resurfacing while the untreated skin between the pins promotes faster healing of the tissue.  Not only are lines and wrinkles filled out, but the treatment also minimizes any possible side effects. While there are other fractional resurfacing options available, most help to improve one or two symptoms of aging skin Some are best suited for treating wrinkles while others improve texture or pigment, and others prove to tighten tissue Fractora delivers improvements for the broadest range of issues of aging skin, all with a few treatments In fact, Fractora offers improvements for aging skin that would normally require two, three or even four different technologies Fractora may be used to treat the skin of the entire body including face, knees, backs of the arm, abdomen, and our favorite stubborn areaTHE NECK!! Clients receiving a Fractora treatment will be numbed with a topical solution for an hour before we start to assure maximum comfort.  The skin will then be thoroughly cleansed before treatment The procedure time will vary depending on the size of the area we are working... read more

Top 10 Holiday Skin Care Gifts

Looking fabulous for the holidays is easy when you know the best products, optimal treatments and tricks of the trade. Following are ideas to help make you sparkle like a gorgeous ornament and earn special kudos for giving the favorite gift: 1. Winterberry Facial. This smell-good, feel-good facial is a gentle but effective treatment with fruit enzymes that remove dead cells and brighten even the most sensitive and most damaged skin. It’s ideal for people who battle rosacea or allergies. And, there’s no redness or downtime, so you can enjoy the facial during the day and attend an event that same evening. 2. Clarisonic® Brush. A miracle tool for cleansing and anti-aging. It’s the best skin care tool on the market, available to the public — not only to skin care professionals. The unique oscillating action of this brush sets it apart from traditional cleansing brushes that can tear the face and stretch the skin. The Clarisonic will smooth wrinkles, calm rosacea, heal acne, lighten dark patches and cleanse the face six times better than traditional washing methods. 3. Allumera. The newest product in the photoactive market, and it’s good for all skin types. The photosensitizing agent stimulates collagen and reduces pore size, fine lines, wrinkles and overall skin discoloration. The painless procedure involves no downtime, and there are no after effects. 4. NonSurgical Facelift. The ultimate in anti-aging. A series of treatments that: tighten cheek muscles that have lengthened, resulting in jowls; lengthen muscles between brows that make frown lines; tighten skin on the face and neck; and even facial color and tone. This sought-after facelift decreases facial... read more

Acne is a FOUR Letter Word!

Acne is a common skin disorder which does not discriminate.  It affects both men and women of all ages, and across all ethnic groups. In fact, at least 80% of adolescents and young adults are dealing with acne to some degree.  Research also shows that a large number of women over 25 are battling it and well into their 40’s.  This is why it’s such a far reaching issue with no definitive way to treat – it’s not a one size fits all. Acne is a disease of the pilosebaceous unit. i.e., a hair follicle and an oil gland.  The cause of acne is male and female hormones affecting the sebaceous (oil) gland.  During puberty, these hormones are in much higher concentrations.  Stress can also contribute to hormonal changes by increasing adrenal gland activity, which in turn increases oil production.  So, you take more oil and a lack of exfoliation, it now becomes a perfect environment for p-acne bacteria to grow.  Now you have a good fight on your hands. Acne has many different characteristics from blackheads, red papules, and pustules to painful nodules and cysts.  “This is why you have to take different avenues to treat each one.” Says Kelly Schoeneck, esthetician at About Face Skin Care, “Sometimes the first thing you try isn’t the right one, but you continue until you find what works.”Understanding that is the first step in treatment.  Kelly has 8 years’ experience treating acne for people of all ages and is known as the “Teen Queen” among About Face staffers for her ability to resolve many stubborn acne cases for frustrated teens that... read more

Rejuvenate Skin with LED Light Therapy

For those of us who are not convinced that light can have a physical effect on our bodies, just think of a sun tan. With the correct wavelength of light, melanin is generated in our skin to produce a tan. Without sunlight, our bodies can’t produce Vitamin D. Without a minimal amount of sunlight, many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a depression cured by exposure to light. Premature babies with a jaundice condition are treated with light until their livers are mature enough to take over. So you see, different types of light energy affect us daily in many ways. Research shows that specific wavelengths (colors) stimulate specific responses in the body. Red wavelengths and certain infrared (not visible) wavelengths will increase cellular activity at the dermal level. As we age, there is a drop in cellular activity and energy levels. With the delivery of the correct wavelengths of LED light, these dermal cells receive a rejuvenating, anti-aging boost from the light energy. Light stimulation also increases blood flow, helping bring nutrients and cellular growth factors to the treated areas. The combination of red and infrared light diodes stimulates fibroblast and collagen production to strengthen sagging, wrinkled skin. The lymph vessels open and drain more efficiently to remove toxic waste and promote a healthier looking skin. The skin heals more quickly, and with less post surgical or post trauma scarring. LED Light Therapy has been used by NASA, the US Army, and athletes for quick healing. It is quickly becoming known as one of the most effective and non-invasive ways to help rejuvenate and repair the... read more

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