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A Natural Way to Age Beautifully

When I met Susie, I was equally impressed with her natural beauty and her warm personality.  This former Miss North Carolina and current TV host of Atlanta’s Best New Homes knew that she wanted to do all she could to keep her appearance fresh, but knew that she did not want to do anything drastic or unnatural.  The pressures of maintaining a fresh appearance over 50 are a challenge.  The pressures of maintaining a fresh appearance over 50 and on a television camera can be even more of a challenge.  The camera is not only unforgiving to weight, but can also highlight unwanted shadows and creases.  And we have all seen what too much intervention, whether it is Botox, fillers or surgery, can do to personalities we see on television.

Susie had heard of the 180°NonSurgical Facelift exclusive to About Face Skin Care and thought it might be the perfect fit for her anti-aging regimen.  Although Susie was blessed with great genes from her mother, she had the same concerns that we all face with time – brown spots, flattening cheeks, fullness in the jowl area and frown lines.  Susie was not interested in facelift surgery and knew that she wanted to stay away from the “puffed” look of too much injectable filler to correct these issues.  She came in to discuss the 180° NonSurgical Facelift and we were both excited to get her started.

The appointments were scheduled two times per week over a six-week period.  During that time, four anti-aging treatments were performed multiple times to tighten muscles, tighten skin, smooth skin surface, even skin color, and tighten pores.  The result is a face that reflects an age 5 to 7 years younger with no downtime or incisions, and no weird puffiness or frozen facial movements.  To maintain this fresh new look, Susie will come in to About Face Skin Care for a monthly maintenance treatment.  As long as maintenance treatments are kept up, this fresh face will continue to keep her looking her best.

Susie is not unusual.  About Face Skin Care has hundreds of happy 180° NonSurgical Facelift clients that have been on maintenance for years.  This full facial fitness program is the most cost effective and comprehensive way to achieve full facial fitness and avoid facelift surgery or postpone facial surgery as long as possible.  This method of face-lifting is also beneficial to those who have had a facelift and want to maintain the result as long as possible.

If you would like to come in and discuss this wonderful anti-aging secret, we offer a FREE consultation appointment.  We have before and after photos and several references that would be happy to discuss their experience with you.  AND we have a special offer for you.  Purchase your 180° NonSurgical Facelift Program from now through March 15th, 2013 and receive an exclusive discount.  Our program is normally $1995, but will be discounted to $1499 for this event.  Schedule your no-obligation consultation appointment at 770.935.FACE (3223) or schedule online at  We look forward to seeing you!