The average consumer can easily become overwhelmed when looking to make decisions in restoring or maintaining a youthful appearance. The market is inundated with machines, lasers, lotions and potions guaranteed to be the best. Many of those who are searching for answers are concerned about getting involved with a procedure that would require a lot of “down time” or financial commitment. One choice that has been extremely popular for the last decade is Glycolic Acid Peels.

Glycolic acids decrease the "glue" that holds dead cells on the surface of the skin. The thick layer of dead cells on the skin surface may give the complexion a rough, dull appearance. As these cells are removed, they expose a layer of fresh new cells with a smoother texture, and a more uniform color. Glycolic acid also stimulates the skin to make new collagen fibers that help to improve wrinkling and the effects of sun damage. In addition, glycolic acids help dissolve the material that clogs pores, allowing the pore to drain better, thus decreasing spots and acne formation and minimizing pore size. We create a complete skin care program tailored specifically for you, addressing both medical and cosmetic aspects of your rejuvenation program.

A typical Glycolic Acid regimen involves using a home care system for two weeks, then having a peel treatment done in the office once every week or every other week for six treatments. During the peel, an RN will apply a glycolic solution to the skin, carefully monitoring your skin’s response. Glycolic acid peels are different from other chemical facial peels in that they can usually be performed without having to miss any time from work. But, because they are gentler than deeper chemical peels, it usually takes six treatments to achieve the desired effect. This initial series of glycolic treatments will speed up the improvement process in your skin’s appearance that is then maintained by the use of home product.

All body areas appear to respond well to treatment with glycolic acid; however, the arms, hands, neck and chest all improve at a slower rate than the face. Many patients choose to treat these areas more aggressively by using stronger products containing higher concentrations of glycolic acid. While no procedure is free of the risks of side effects, most patients are delighted with the outcome, and the risks are fewer than with most other chemical or surgical procedures.

Glycolic acids are available in many over the counter preparations in concentrations far below what has been found to provide the best results. Some beauty consultants will offer similar facial treatments, again, at lower concentrations than those used under medical supervision. (Aestheticians and cosmeticians are prohibited by most state laws from autonomously using glycolic at higher concentrations). Our medical staff is thoroughly trained in the safe and proper use of glycolic acid, and educated by the manufacturers on the research behind the product and the fundamental chemical reactions underlying the treatment. In addition, the staff will stay well informed with the most up to date information, and are experienced in keeping side effects to an absolute minimum. Most importantly of all, the glycolic acid treatments are integrated into a complete skin care program tailored specifically for you, addressing both medical and cosmetic aspects of your rejuvenation program.

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