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We have seen treatments that tighten skin. We have seen treatments that smooth lines and wrinkles We have never seen anything like Fractora! Fractora is a treatment that takes the amazing results of Collagen Induction Therapy (or microneedling) and boosts it to a whole new level. During the Fractora treatment, the target area is heated by placing a small brush like device against the skin Radiofrequency energy is then passed through a series of tiny bipolar pins resulting in localized heating and ablation of the skin Ablation of the skin promotes skin resurfacing while the untreated skin between the pins promotes faster healing of the tissue.  Not only are lines and wrinkles filled out, but the treatment also minimizes any possible side effects. While there are other fractional resurfacing options available, most help to improve one or two symptoms of aging skin Some are best suited for treating wrinkles while others improve texture or pigment, and others prove to tighten tissue Fractora delivers improvements for the broadest range of issues of aging skin, all with a few treatments In fact, Fractora offers improvements for aging skin that would normally require two, three or even four different technologies Fractora may be used to treat the skin of the entire body including face, knees, backs of the arm, abdomen, and our favorite stubborn areaTHE NECK!! Clients receiving a Fractora treatment will be numbed with a topical solution for an hour before we start to assure maximum comfort.  The skin will then be thoroughly cleansed before treatment The procedure time will vary depending on the size of the area we are working on, but typically twenty minutes to an hour You will be asked to avoid sun exposure for the next week, and you can put makeup on one to three days afterwards While some notice improvement immediately, results will be more obvious at two weeks and continue to improve for three months Typically, Fractora is done in a series of three at four week intervals, but may be customized depending on the individual Are you ready to say goodbye to your turkey neck this Thanksgiving? Call us! You’ll be thankful you did. About Face Skin Care is located at 1569 Janmar Road, Suite Bat the intersection of Janmar Road and Scenic Hwy (124) behind Lowes Consultation appointments are free Schedule at 770-629-9362 or book online at www

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