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SideStep Oncology Program in Snellville and Dacula, GA

SideStep Oncology

At About Face Skin Care, we not only want to provide you with different treatments and procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, but we also want to be involved in our local communities. We want to make a meaningful impact on the greater community, giving back to the communities that provide us with so much. This mission has led us to begin Side Step Oncology Aesthetics. This program was created to help cancer patients receive healing skin care and pampering services.

Cancer is fortunately becoming a more treatable disease with research and medicine making great advancements in understanding how to treat and even cure different types of cancer. However, chemotherapy, radiation, and other surgical interventions take a large toll on these patients’ bodies. Often, they cannot receive all of the treatments and procedures we offer, so this program allows us to give back to this community of patients in the ways that can help. We want to help them feel beautiful in the midst of their unique struggles, providing services and products that are safe for use in cancer patients.

This program allows us to provide these services to these patients for free from funds generated by your generous donations. If you’d like to give to this wonderful program and be involved, reach out to us to learn more.

Are you interested in also giving back to the local communities Snellville, Dacula, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, or surrounding cities in Georgia? We have numerous opportunities available to donate and be involved.


Thanks to the support of our community, we have over 50* complimentary oncology facials available!  Fill out the form to reserve yours today!

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SideStep Oncology Questionnaire/Enrollment Form

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    In order to provide a complimentary oncology facial, we require documentation that you are under a physician's care. Examples of documentation: A letter from your physician or treatment center on letterhead indicating your are currently undergoing treatment.
After years of research, development and experience, About Face Skin Care is excited and honored to announce Side Step Oncology Aesthetics.


SideStep Oncology Program in Snellville and Dacula, GA

For so many, this period is a temporary hiatus to normal life. It is a scary time of uncertainty that is cured after surgical, chemical or radiation treatment and is, thus, a side-step in life. For some, it is a far more serious diagnosis that will require cancer therapy for life. In that case, our pampering diversion is a side step from the day to day struggles of living with cancer. No matter the situation, the Side Step Oncology Aesthetics program will be available to provide healing skin care and pampering for all clients experiencing cancer treatment.

I first began to think about this program in the early years of my business in 2004. I was still a “one person show”, and with about 250 clients. I had very little variety in my products and services, and very little knowledge about caring for these special cases. Unfortunately, these diagnosis are far too common. Fortunately, there have been great strides in curing cancer. My clients want to continue to care for themselves while going through cancer treatment and I have to make sure they are properly treated with safe products.

A client experiencing cancer treatment has unique needs. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgical interventions can create issues with skin integrity, skin break outs, dryness, sensitivities, discomfort, fatigue, self-esteem issues, compromised immune system, and a variety of other issues.  A thorough understanding of each client’s disease process, treatment and skin needs is necessary to safely provide guidance on product and services. Special attention to ingredients ensures that nothing will be used to further compromise the skin or the immune system.

About Face Skin Care takes great pride in keeping the best practices in sanitation and cleanliness.  Most importantly, our Side Step clients will be in a stress-free environment.  Our quiet and calm treatment rooms and providers offer an atmosphere where clients will feel at ease.  Our makeup artist will be happy to help clients find makeup that is more comfortable for skin that is changing or to provide a fresh look.

If you or someone you know is having cancer therapy and would like to know more about our Oncology Certified skin products and facials, please give us a call to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to pampering those beautiful faces.

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