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LED Light Photo Therapy Snellville, GA

Have you heard about LED light photo therapy and do you live in Snellville, Dacula, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, or surrounding cities in Georgia? Do you want to learn more about the procedure and learn if it’s right for you? Look no further than About Face Skin Care where we’re committed to help you reach your goals.

What Is LED Light Photo Therapy?

LED light photo therapy is a treatment option that uses light to improve your skin. You might be thinking how can light help our skin? When light is properly utilized, it can provide numerous benefits. Research has demonstrated that specific wavelengths of light, particularly the red and infrared wavelengths, stimulate activity in skin cells. This is why this procedure is also sometimes referred to as red LED skin photo therapy. This stimulation leads to the production of important cells that produce new tissue and increased collagen to improve the quality of your skin.

LED Light Photo Therapy Snellville, GA

How Much Does LED Light Photo Therapy Cost?

LED light photo therapy costs vary from individual to individual. In order to obtain a more detailed estimate of how much this therapy might cost for you, schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hupman or one of our staff today. We will address any questions or concerns you may have.

Am I a Candidate for LED Light Photo Therapy?

LED light photo therapy can be safely performed on adult men and women of all skin tones and types. It is a useful option for those looking for alternatives to surgery or other invasive methods. Many healthcare professionals are referring patients to LED light photo therapy for wrinkles or acne as well.

LED Light Photo Therapy Snellville, GA

How Is LED Light Photo Therapy Performed?

LED light photo therapy utilizes a machine that emits the specific wavelengths of light that are needed to produce the desired effects. The machine delivers the light to the desired areas of your skin in a safe and non-invasive manner. During the procedure, you will wear eye-protection goggles to prevent any potential side effects that may affect your vision from the light.

What Is Recovery Like After LED Light Photo Therapy?

Recovery after LED light photo therapy is minimal. You can go home the day of treatment without worrying about having to change your normal daily routine. You might notice some minimal redness after treatment which will resolve within a few days.

How Long Will My LED Light Photo Therapy Results Last?

LED light photo therapy results typically improve over the course of a few days and weeks following a treatment session. These results will last for a few months, after which subsequent treatment sessions might be recommended to ensure long-term results.

Interested in LED light photo therapy? Here at About Face Skin Care, we serve patients in Snellville, Dacula, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, or surrounding cities in Georgia. Call today to schedule your individualized consultation.

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