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Make 2020 About YOU!

A new year is a time to start over. It is a time to give the thought about the things we do and how we would like to change them. This year, we would like to help you make 2020 ABOUT you, with the help of About Face Skin Care and About Mind and Body Fitness Boutique....

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Our Words to the Senior Class of 2018

As we graduate another class of incredibly talented young skin care patients (aka- high school seniors), we want to pass along a few words of wisdom that we have learned along the way. 1. Bad relationships, like a bad Botox treatment, are not quickly forgotten. Make...

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The Style of Aging

Style is an individual concept. We recognize the bell bottoms, leg warmers and pillbox hats of the clothing industry. We can also recognize hairstyles when we remember the wedge, the curly perm, and the notorious “Rachel” of the 90’s. Many men and women choose to color their hair over time which is a style of aging, but many don’t realize that caring for the face is also a style that can be a choice.

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Treating and Delegating Physician: Dr. Tina Ann-Kerr Thompson