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A new year is a time to start over. It is a time to give the thought about the things we do and how we would like to change them. This year, we would like to help you make 2020 ABOUT you, with the help of About Face Skin Care and About Mind and Body Fitness Boutique.

About Face Skin Care has been a center of our community for many years. AFSC takes pride in providing a safe environment for facials, nonsurgical anti-aging treatments, injectable fillers and Botox, laser services, chemical peels, spider vein treatments, and much more. About Face will be celebrating its 18th year of business in March and takes great pride in maintaining an excellent record of safety and customer satisfaction in this industry.

In 2012, About Face recognized the number one tool in aging smarter with the introduction of its fitness boutique studio, About Mind and Body. AMB employs the best-certified instructors who can safely guide clients of all fitness levels through healthy workouts. Located in the same space as About Face, AMB has completed our dream of being a “one-stop shop” for healthy living and youthful aging. With a full schedule of Yoga, Barre’, Strength, and Zumba classes, as well as mind stimulating events, About Mind and Body Fitness Boutique provides an intimate gathering in a clean, safe studio.

About Mind and Body Director, Heather Lenhardt, M.Ed, ACE, CPT, knows the importance of taking care of the inside of the body to delay aging as much as caring for the outside. Heather began her fitness journey in college when she became “hooked” on Reebok Step classes. When she started teaching children, she joined a gym to take group classes at night to relieve stress. That is when she found her true passion; to bring exercise and education together.

Heather wanted to delay the external effects of aging, as well. She has been a regular client with AFSC for five years and feels it has made a big difference in her overall appearance. She is a big fan of the Hydrafacial MD treatments to clean her pores and hydrate her skin. She relies on Collagen Induction Therapy to minimize her pores, soften fine lines and reduce brown spots. She has also enjoyed “Botox Sprinkles” to minimize frown lines and forehead creases without giving her the frozen look. Heather is a true testimony to the beauty of exercise and noninvasive treatments to look youthful and healthy.

Heather Lenhardt along with the entire staff of About Face Skin Care and About Mind and Body, Heather would like to welcome you to make 2020 ABOUT you. Whether you are looking to do a complete internal and external makeover, or if you are looking to make baby steps in your fitness and anti-aging goals, we are here to help. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation with our nurses, aestheticians or fitness instructors to help you plan to be the best you can be. See our schedule online at and contact us for an appointment at info@ We look forward to meeting you!

About Face Skin Care and About Mind and Body are owned and operated by Chrissy Thomas, RN, BSN and is located at 1569 Janmar Road, Suite B. 770.935. FACE

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