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PRP Facelift in Snellville, GA

Have you heard about PRP Facelift and think it might be a viable option for you? If you live in Snellville, Dacula, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, or surrounding cities in Georgia, we welcome you to reach out to us here at About Face Skin Care. Led by Dr. Hupman, we’ll inform you on the different treatment and procedures we offer that are best-suited for your needs.

What Is PRP Facelift?

PRP Facelift in Snellville, GAPRP facelift is a treatment method that utilizes growth factors and other important components to your skin found in PRP, platelet rich plasma. PRP stimulates your body’s production of collagen, helping tighten and rejuvenate the skin of treated areas, increasing skin elasticity and volume while also decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

How Much Does PRP Facelift Cost?

PRP facelift costs depend on your individualized needs. It is difficult to provide a generalized estimate of costs because everyone’s PRP facelift treatment will look different, so if you’d like to discuss pricing, reach out to About Face Skin Care to speak with one of our staff. We’ll address any questions or concerns you might have about the procedure.

Am I a Candidate for PRP Facelift?

PRP facelift can be safely performed on nearly all adults of all skin types and tones who are looking to improve their skin quality and appearance.

How Is PRP Facelift Performed?

PRP Facelift begins with a blood sample taken from your arm. The small vial of blood is processed in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma.  This blood sample is injected back into the desired areas and can also be used in combination with Juvederm® to further amplify volumizing results.

What Is Recovery Like After PRP Facelift?

Recovery after any procedure that uses PRP, including the PRP facelift, has great recovery times compared to other similar procedures because it’s utilizing your own blood to improve the results of the procedure. It doesn’t involve any drastic or unnatural ingredients. You can return home the day of the treatment, but we recommend taking things easy for the next couple of days after a session.

How Long Will My PRP Facelift Results Last?

PRP facelift results will typically last form 9 months to a year. Depending on your goals, subsequent treatments might be recommended to maintain long-term results. The PRP facelift we offer here at About Face Skin Care always includes the PRP facial at no additional cost.

If you live in Snellville, Dacula, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, or surrounding cities in Georgia and are considering the PRP facelift, we recommend reaching out to us here at About Face Skin Care to discuss if this treatment option is right for you.

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