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Medical Aesthetics in Snellville and Dacula, GA
Vivace in Snellville and Dacula, GA
I have been so fortunate in my career. I get to do something I really enjoy while meeting some of the most amazing people. The stories of these incredible women and men are amazing. Farrah is like many clients I see in the aftermath of CoVid. Raising a young family, running a business and juggling life can cause so much stress that it is hard to recognize ourselves. Clients who have had the virus are often struggling with hair loss and inflamed skin. Thankfully, we have solutions that have been very helpful in these situations. Almost everyone we work with mentions the toll the last two years have taken on their appearance. As we work to right our world again, it is so refreshing to hear that we have been able to be part of the solution in many stories. I asked Farrah to share her experience. As we celebrate our 20th year in business, it is Farrah and all our awesome clients that keep us excited in our efforts to keep our clients looking fresh and rejuvenated.

   Farrah’s Story

“Having to worry about looking and feeling youthful was not something I had ever worried about until I found myself at 40 years old, going back to work full-time at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, with a three-year-old and a one-year-old and all schools shut down. With very little time to eat, sleep, and provide basic care for myself, everything had fallen to the point that I did not recognize my own face in the mirror. At this age in life, things do start to lose their luster, but this was more like a head on collision of stress straight into my face! When friends and family constantly asked me if I was “ok” because of how I looked, I knew it was time to make some changes, and getting some good sleep wasn’t, and still isn’t, one of the options! Then, one day, a stunning woman walked into my office. I knew in that moment that I needed to know what her secret was and how I could have that fresh beautiful glow that she had. Just looking at her face made me feel happy. And I wanted to be like that in the presence of others

as well. She referred me to Chrissy Thomas. RN at About Face Skin Care, and she assured me that Chrissy was going to be able to “fix” me. Hesitant but hopeful, I made my first appointment wondering how in the world this was going to go because I felt like such a lost cause! I had hoped that I would leave the appointment looking a little better, but what I had not anticipated was finding out what I thought was so far gone in my face was something a skilled artist like Chrissy can easily repair. One of the reasons I believe people don’t address these facial issues is because they don’t understand fundamentally how it is corrected. In that hour, I understood the aging process better and how much easier it is to look younger and ellfresher than I had originally thought! By the end of the appointment, I had a new confidence in myself. I felt like a beautiful princess, jumping up and down in my car in the parking lot sending selfies to everyone I know! I can’t begin to express how truly grateful I am for the gifts I have received from About Face. I have a new love for my appearance, and I feel amazing! And while it is most important how I feel about myself, I do absolutely love the way others look at me now! It’s like I’m 20 years younger!!”
Farah’s treatment plan was designed around her concerns. Overall, she felt tired and dull. As is normal at Farah’s age, she had start to notice some thinning in her cheeks and volume loss in her lip area. Her eyes felt less bright, and her skin was slightly dull despite her efforts at exfoliation at home. Our first step was to exfoliate Farah’s skin with a Diamond Glow treatment which uses a diamond encrusted tip to exfoliate and smooth the surface of the skin and then bathes the surface with a combination of solutions customized by the esthetician to correct the client’s skin concerns. Next, injectable filler was used to restore the lost volume in her cheeks and lips, and a small dose of Botox was used to lift the muscles of her eyes very slightly. Farah is thrilled with her fresh appearance, and we are thrilled to have a client who has become a friend.
Thank you, Farrah, for sharing your story

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