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CoolSculpting ® has quickly changed the landscape of body contouring. It provides an effective and safe alternative to invasive procedures, such as liposuction, while offering excellent results and no recovery time.

CoolSculpting ® also highly sought after for its efficiency. Many people seek out CoolSculpting ® by Zeltiq because it requires only one or two site visits, it is a very short procedure, and recovery is instant.

For those that want to improve both their results and their efficiency, however, you can go even further and elect for DualSculpting. DualSculpting has all the benefits of CoolSculpting ® with twice the results in less time. We are proud to offer DualSculpting at About Face Skin care

What is DualSculpting?

CoolSculpting ® rapidly grew in popularity because of how quick this non-invasive procedure is. You are able to come in whenever it is convenient for you, and the procedure can take less than an hour or two before you are on your way. In fact, CoolSculpting ® is so quick, that many choose to have it done during an extended lunch break. Because there is no need for recovery time, people are able to go back to work after their appointment.

DualSculpting is even more efficient than CoolSculpting ®. Using the exact same procedure on two different areas, you are able to achieve two sessions worth of body contouring during one session. Using two different machines to double the effects of CoolSculpting ® allows you to get in, get out, and reach your body contouring goals in less time.

Why Choose DualSculpting Instead of CoolSculpting ®?

DualSculpting offers all of the benefits as CoolSculpting but provides you with additional benefits that make it a more effective procedure. DualSculpting is often preferred over CoolSculpting ® alone, because it is:

  • More Efficient–Because of the dual nature of this procedure, you are able to treat two different areas at the same time. Many people have certain areas of stubborn fat that keep them from having their preferred physique. While CoolSculpting ® only takes one hour per session, there is no reason to not speed up your body contouring if you have multiple areas that require treatment.
  • It Takes Less Time for Multiple Areas –DualSculptingalso allows you to cut the time it takes for a single part of your body. For example, with CoolSculpting ®, you need to address one arm at a time. With DualSculpting, you can address both arms at the same time, cutting your time and your number of CoolSculpting ® visits down dramatically.
  • Ensures Symmetrical Results – DualSculpting is also useful for the practitioner. When you perform both procedures at the same time, you can guarantee that you’re addressing them both with an equal amount of time, in the correct locations to see a big difference. While About Face Skin Care has been awarded Crystal Premier Status for their work with CoolSculpting ®, it still always helps to be able to address both sides at once, and improve the final look of your procedure.

Because DualSculpting is a non-invasive procedure with no recovery time, choosing to double your procedure carries no additional risks. You will be just as safe as you would be with one CoolSculpting ® session but will be able to see better results in less time.

If you are interested in learning more about DualSculpting, contact About Face Skin Care at 770-629-9362 to schedule a consultation.

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