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Suggested Eye Regimens

Light Stim: red LED Light was developed by NASA to repair tissue during missions to space. Now, this therapy is used toreduce the signs of aging in skin by stimulating collagen. When used regularly, LED can reduce the appearance of crowsfeet and slack skin around the eye area.

Latisse: this is a medication that will encourage the growth stage of the lash and has been a game changer in ourmarket. Lashes will grow longer and fuller with use over a 10 week period. This can also be benecial for the brow area.

Clarisonic: The Clarisonic brush system utilizes gentle, yet eective, ultrasonic waves to remove dry, dead skin cells andstimulate collagen in tissues. This technology can smooth eye creases and reveal bright, refreshed skin.

180 Eraser Eye Cream: This powerful combination of Peptides, Arnica and Retinol can smooth creases around the eyeand encourage new tissue growth. May be used am and pm.
Teamine Eye Cream: named the most eective product on the market for reducing under-eye darkness and puness.This cream truly delivers and has been a popular favorite for years!

180 Line Defy Eye Gel: This hyaluronic acid gel delivers intense hydration to the delicate, dry eye area. May be usedalone or underneath eye creams.
DEJ Eye Cream by Revision Skin Care: This amazing eye cream stimulates tissue a the (D)ermal (E)pidermal (J)uncture tothicken delicate thin tissues. May also be used on the eyelid.

Hydrating Sleep Mask: Dream Skin Beauty Sleep Mask is an anti-aging mask that is a true cosmetic moisturizer. Madewith a ber called JuveTex that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and ne lines. The bers hydrate the skin naturallywithout creams of chemicals.

Collagen Induction Therapy: This treatment uses a pen device with nine sterile, delicate needles to tap into the dermallayer of tissue to stimulate new collagen growth. CIT can mimic the eects of Botox on a more permanent basis bytightening tissue yielding a brighter eye with fewer creases.

Fractora: This powerful treatment uses the same micro-needling technology as CIT, but adds radiofrequency beneaththe skin to intensely tighten and lift tissues of the eye and decrease the appearance of frown lines and crow’s feet.

Botox: This is a treatment that makes the muscles do the opposite of what they naturally do. The frown line muscles liketo pinch and will shorten over the years making the appearance of a frown or “11’s”. A bit of Botox in this area will stopthe frown line muscle from pinching, opening the appearance of the eye by millimeters. Botox around the crow’s footarea will make this muscle relax and improve the appearance in this area, as well as under the eye.

Juvederm and Silk: These injectable llers can add volume in the trough beneath the eye to take away or minimize theappearance of darkness and ‘bags’. The ller is added under the muscle to lift tissue away from the ‘blue’ capillarynetwork making the area appear brighter. The ller may also be used in the crow’s feet to minimize the appearance ofgrooves beside the eye area.

Lash extensions by Lash Fantasy: Owned by Barbie Conner, RN. The stylists at Lash Fantasy can apply a single lash toeach of your natural lashes to make you “walk out the door ready” every morning. Lashes look natural and feel like yournormal lashes. The healthy advantage of Barbie’s practice is that care is taken to apply individual lashes to avoid pullingout natural lashes as the strip or cluster applications can do.

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