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Halo Treatment in Snellville, GA

Are you interested in receiving Halo treatment? Do you live in Snellville, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, or surrounding cities in Georgia? Here at About Face Skin Care, we’re committed to helping you find the best treatment option to reach your goals in a safe and efficient manner.

What is Halo Treatment?

Halo Treatment in Snellville, GAHalo treatment uses a unique hybrid fractional laser. What does this mean? It means that halo laser treatment is a non-surgical option with little recovery time that can provide great resurfacing to your skin, helping revitalize your skin. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, damage caused by the sun, and other negative effects on your skin that you would like to remove. It minimizes discomfort and other side effects while maximizing results.

How Much Does Halo Treatment Cost?

Halo treatment must be individualized to meet your specific needs, and this also includes the cost. Because the price of treatment will vary from patient to patient, we recommend that you schedule a one-on-one consultation with us to obtain a more accurate estimate of how much halo treatment might cost for your unique situation.

Am I a Candidate for Halo Treatment?

Halo treatment can be safely performed on adult men and women of all skin tones and types. It is recommended for those who have specific reasons that prevent them from safely receiving surgery or other procedures.

How is Halo Treatment Performed?

Halo treatment uses a laser to cause minimal damage to the upper layers of the skin. This damage helps stimulate your body’s natural healing process, and as your skin heals, the appearance of your wrinkles and other folds will naturally be reduced. Halo treatment combines both ablative and non-ablative techniques to maximize the benefits of both laser resurfacing procedures. When utilized on the face, the halo facial can provide great results.

What is Recovery Like After Halo Treatment?

After halo treatment, you may notice redness, swelling, and bruising in the treated areas. This will typically resolve within a few days of treatment. You can return home after treatment, but it is recommended that you avoid sunlight or excessive physical exertion to help speed up the recovery process. The halo laser will provide drastic differences before and after treatment.

How Long Will My Halo Treatment Results Last?

Halo treatment results will last for a few months. Although you may notice an immediate improvement in the quality of your skin, you will not notice the full benefits of the procedure until a few weeks after treatment as your skin recovers. One treatment will provide great results, but we might recommend subsequent treatments annually to help maintain results.

Do you live in Snellville, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, or surrounding cities in Georgia and think halo treatment is the right treatment for you? At About Face Skin Care, we can help provide you with all the information so you can make the right treatment decision for you. Discuss which treatment methods are best for you during your one-on-one consultation with us. Call today to schedule an appointment.


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