Microcurrent Facial

About Face Skin Care has taken “The Art of Facial Rejuvenation” to a new level. The results from numerous clinical trials have shown that treating the face and the neck with Microcurrent Facial Toning has diminished fine lines, and that crow’s feet and laugh lines were dramatically reduced. Perhaps most exciting is that prominent nasolabial folds (smile lines) were greatly diminished, and that discoloration and sagging skin beneath the eyes were greatly improved. Microcurrent Facial Toning treatments are safe, relaxing, and enjoyable with no recovery time required and have become the first line of treatment in facial rejuvenation. This procedure is quickly gaining popularity and has recently been praised on Oprah, My Style and Good Morning America. It has been used in practice at About Face Skin Care for over three years with amazing results and a 97% continued client compliance rate.

Facial toning is a system using micro-electronic currents to “recharge” facial tissue. It works by combining a uniquely patented electrical waveform using dual tipped probes, in combination with the naturally occurring bio-electric current of the body. The method of applying a specific current to certain muscular areas of the face reverses and corrects habitual muscle patterns and reverses atrophy. This system is quite different from Electro-Muscle Stimulation (E.M.S.) which is a medical procedure utilizing a very strong current to force repeated muscular contraction and expansion.

Microcurrent penetrates the cell and balances the cell electrically. It will then restore a more normal physiological state to a damaged cell. Thus, a normal functioning cell will effectively produce collagen and elastin fibrils. Increased circulation of blood and lymph to and away from tissues occurs, and natural cellular processes are restored resulting in improved function and correction of environment-caused tissue changes.

Applying a microcurrent through facial toning techniques increases circulation and carries more oxygen and nutrients to the face, lengthening muscles that have been shortened over time, and shortening those muscles that have stretched, thus “toning” the face.

Microcurrent Facial Toning, or Resculpting Facials as it is called in New York and Los Angeles is becoming the new standard for non-surgical face lifting. The treatments are performed in a series of 12, with a maintenance treatment every four to six weeks to hold the lift. Typically, clients will notice a five to seven year reduction in facial aging.

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Treating and Delegating Physician: Dr. Aaron J. Hupman
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