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Since the 1940’s, red lipstick has been the key symbol of feminine glamour. The classic red lip has served as a symbol of power. It is assumed you need confidence to wear red lipstick. Actually, it is red lipstick that gives you confidence.

When choosing a red lipstick it is important to choose the appropriate shade of red. Red lipstick comes a variety of shades. First determine if your skin type is “cool” or “warm”. If your skin type has cool undertones go with a shade of red with blue undertones. If your skin has warm undertones go with a shade of red that has orange undertones.

Remember you can always top a red lipstick with a gold gloss to warm and soften it or a pink gloss to take it to a bluer or cooler side. Always pair red lipstick with the lightest eyes possible. A light beige shadow and a light coat of mascara will do. Coordinate the look by smudging a small amount of the lipstick to the apples of your cheeks and blend out. Don’t use deep reds if you have thin lips. Never underestimate the power of the timeless classic red lip!


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