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About Face Skin Care has a long-standing reputation in the wedding business, but it may not be what you think.  Sure, we love to pamper brides and wedding parties and make sure each bride, groom and wedding party member is glowing for the big day.  Our number one passion, however, is helping the “moms” get ready for one of the most important events in their lives.  This reputation really struck me recently when I was talking to a young woman at one of our events.  She was telling me that she actually lived an hour away from us, but she had come to the event at her Mom’s request.  She is getting married in August, and her mom had wanted to visit us to see if we could help her freshen up for the wedding.  She told her daughter she wanted to be “the second prettiest woman in the room.”

I thought these words were so inspirational.  Of course, the bride is the center of attention during this special time, but the mothers (and fathers) realize they, too, will be captured in photographs and visited by friends and family they may have not seen in a long time.  Feeling confident and radiant is another step to make this special day even better.  One of the most important factors to consider is that most women do not want to look like anything has been “done.”  This is the reason that we like to see our clients who are getting ready for big events a few months before the event takes place.  The focus of anti-aging at About Face Skin Care is typically restoration, not enhancement. 

 While brides and moms come in all ages, the average range is in the fifties and sixties.  When considering the process of aging in a woman’s face in this age range, we often see laxity in the neck and jowl area.  The folds around the mouth become more prominent as does the downward turn of the corners of the mouth.  Eyebrows and lids may appear heavier and eyes may appear smaller.  Pleats may appear around the lip area even if the client has never smoked or used a straw.  These changes are all normal and expected over time.  The female face will lose fat over time.  This is the reason that women that carry extra weight may look younger as they age.  Along with this fat loss comes loss of facial muscle tone.  These changes are responsible for making muscles of the cheeks longer, allowing for sagging of the jowl area.  Muscles of the mouth and eye area lose tone and create a shortening effect.  This is responsible for the smaller eye appearance and drawn mouth effect.  While these changes can leave a woman feeling like the outside is aging faster than the inside, there is great news.  We now have tools to correct the majority of these changes with no surgery and minimal to no downtime.  We have worked hard to change the attitude of anti-aging therapies that Hollywood has created.  Men and women can be refreshed without looking negatively different.

The first step in your anti-aging process is a free consultation.  About Face Skin Care is designed to offer a no pressure environment.  You can always feel comfortable talking with our staff of aestheticians, nurses and administrative staff with no heavy sales pitch.  We are not attracted to this style of sales and do not want to push this on our customers. Your consultation appointment will allow us to explore your concerns of aging, health history, lifestyle, budgetary needs and allergies.  We devote an hour to getting to know you and giving you ample time to get to know us.  During this time, we develop a plan.  We will tell you what we should get started on now, what we may do next, and a plan to sit down again at another juncture to make sure we are on the right track.  A plan may be as simple as getting a facial to some of our more involved programs.  Often times, clients take this information and contact us when she or he is ready to get started. 

About Face Skin Care strives to make as many natural changes as possible.  Treatments such as our very popular NonSurgical Facelift and Collagen Induction Therapy have given clients five to seven years reduction in facial aging.  Minimal amounts of Botox or dermal filler may be used to smooth creases and replace the fat that is lost with aging.  A conservative approach is taken to make sure features are not distorted or different.  Intense Pulse Light Therapy may be used to smooth out brown spots and to treat red, flushing skin.  It also tightens pores and gives a luminous finish to skin.  The choices are abundant, but the professional guidance of the staff of About Face is what makes our practice the leader in anti-aging in our community.

 We also have answers for your problem spots.  Body FX is a permanent answer to your problem spots.  Body FX is a body-contouring device that will break down fat and tighten skin.  This treatment has been instrumental to men and women to treat abdomens, thighs, arms, back fat, knees and virtually anywhere on the body that needs attention.  This revolutionary treatment is done with no downtime and very minimal maintenance.  Many clients have decided to treat other areas after witnessing the success they have had on the first treated area.

 We also believe that the inside needs to be healthy to create a beautiful outside.  That is the philosophy of our wellness boutique, About Mind and Body.  Located in the same space with About Face Skin Care, About Mind and Body offers a full schedule of fitness classes, including yoga, Pilates, Barre’, circuit training, Core and More, Zumba, Piloxing and Kickboxing.  With a full staff of trained instructors that can adapt to any special need, you will find About Mind and Body to be clean, quaint and accommodating.  There are also special events once per month that are included with your membership fee.  Previous events have included nutrition workshops, “girls- getaway” travel information, Sip- n- Paint classes, holiday decorating with professional designers and much more.  Many have said About Mind and Body is the best-kept secret in Gwinnett County.  You can find more information and sign up for free passes at www.about, or contact our Program Manager, Linda Paul at 770-629-9362.

 Every face and body is different, and every treatment plan is customized to fit the personality, needs and budget of each client that seeks consultation.  If you have a wedding or any other special event in your future, or if you are ready to feel more youthful and refreshed, we would love to be a part of your plans.  Give us a call for a free consultation at 770-629-9362 or schedule online at  We look forward to meeting you!

About Face Skin Care (and About Mind and Body) is (are) located at the corner of Scenic Highway and Janmar Road behind Lowes at 1569 Janmar Road, Suite B in Snellville.   

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