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Looking fabulous for the holidays is easy when you know the best products, optimal treatments and tricks of the trade. Following are ideas to help make you sparkle like a gorgeous ornament and earn special kudos for giving the favorite gift:

    1. 1. Winterberry Facial. This smell-good, feel-good facial is a gentle but effective treatment with fruit enzymes that remove dead cells and brighten even the most sensitive and most damaged skin. It’s ideal for people who battle rosacea or allergies. And, there’s no redness or downtime, so you can enjoy the facial during the day and attend an event that same evening.

2. Clarisonic® Brush. A miracle tool for cleansing and anti-aging. It’s the best skin care tool on the market, available to the public — not only to skin care professionals. The unique oscillating action of this brush sets it apart from traditional cleansing brushes that can tear the face and stretch the skin. The Clarisonic will smooth wrinkles, calm rosacea, heal acne, lighten dark patches and cleanse the face six times better than traditional washing methods.

3. Allumera. The newest product in the photoactive market, and it’s good for all skin types. The photosensitizing agent stimulates collagen and reduces pore size, fine lines, wrinkles and overall skin discoloration. The painless procedure involves no downtime, and there are no after effects.

4. NonSurgical Facelift. The ultimate in anti-aging. A series of treatments that: tighten cheek muscles that have lengthened, resulting in jowls; lengthen muscles between brows that make frown lines; tighten skin on the face and neck; and even facial color and tone. This sought-after facelift decreases facial aging by five-to-seven years, and there’s no downtime involved.

5. LED light therapy treatment. Originally used for burn victims, LED light is safe for every skin type, and its benefits are numerous. LED light treats rosacea, tightens the pores, increases collagen production to reduce fine lines and creases, evens color tones, decreases redness and brown spots, increases circulation for healing, kills the bacteria that causes acne, and calms inflammation. Results are noticeable after being under the light for 20 minutes, and a series of several of treatments will greatly improve skin appearance.

6. Professional Makeover Lesson. A professional makeup session can offer the sought-after tricks of the trade — tips to hide: the dreaded jowls, under eye circles, wrinkles, brown spots and other aging features. Also a great gift idea for a teen – tips for makeup application. Make sure the makeup artist is experienced with a variety of clients – different ages and skin types — and uses high quality makeup and brushes.

7. Latisse®. Latisse is a solution that is applied to the base of top lashes at bedtime. A simple addition to your nightly routine that will yield fluffy, longer lashes in eight weeks.

8. Save My Face Pillow. This specially designed pillow allows the cheek to be free of “pillow smash” while the sleeper enjoys the comfort of sleeping on their side.

9. Fillers such as Juvederm®, Radiesse® and Botox®. These are powerful treatments used to help restore a younger-looking appearance:

      • Juvederm is a gel filler that smoothes and minimizes wrinkles around the mouth and nose area, restoring the face’s natural contouring.
      • Radiesse fills in volume and adds “lift” to reduce wrinkles and diminish the signs of aging. Results are immediate with this procedure.
      • Botox is a prescription medicine, injected into muscles to reduce “tired-looking’ frown lines between brows. Its popularity is due to being a simple, nonsurgical treatment, offering immediate results and no recovery time.

10. “How Not to Look Old.” Author Charla Krupp offers great tips on looking appropriate and youthful at any age.


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