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Whether you are celebrating with 48 candles or 84, there is one thing that is guaranteed. Those birthday photos look a bit different every year. Of course, when you are younger you may not be able to put your finger on the exact changes you are noticing. However, over the years those differences become more noticeable.  In consultation, clients will often say, “I still feel like me, but the person in the mirror looks tired and older.” As I have discussed before, About Face Skin Care strives to help clients look refreshed and try to stay away from altering their natural appearance. Hollywood lips and plastic looking skin are not things most of us suburbanites strive to have.

It has occurred to me that most clients who seek our help have no idea of the exact changes that are occurring and the things we can do to help combat these unwanted nuisances.

  1. “The Eyes (Used to) Have It” – Over the years, the forehead muscles will lengthen allowing the eyebrows to sit lower over the eye. This heaviness can make the eyes look tired or angry. A definite 11 may be noticed between the brows. A small amount of Botox may be used to lift tired looking eyebrows and restore the brow line to its original position. (NOT above the original position as we have seen in many tabloid magazines with “surprised” looking eyes from incorrect use of Botox.)  Many people develop a “trough” beneath the eye that looks dark and sunken.   There are a couple of ways to address this issue. A small amount of Juvederm         may be placed gently in this area to lift the sunken area and rejuvenate the      under eye area. Another way to address this problem is with skin tightening  procedures such as the Fractora treatment that uses microneedling and radiofrequency to tighten skin.
  2. Skin That Has the BLAHS!–   Look at photos of a 25 year old and compare it to the skin of a 60 year old who does not exfoliate his or her skin. Natural skin shedding slows over the years yielding a tired, dull and even “waxy” looking appearance. Home exfoliation will help a bit, but often the devices and scrubs you can use at home can cause more harm than good. Our favorite? Try a Hydrafacial MD treatment. It is cleansing, exfoliation, extraction (you can even see the debris that comes out of the pores if you like that sort of thing!), moisturization and finishes with an led light treatment that combats brown and red pigment in the skin. Termed “The Wedding Day Facial”, this high tech facial will make you glow like no other!
  3. “Sad Mouth”– We created this term at About Face because it was such an accurate description of something our clients were trying to describe. As the face ages, there is a natural volume loss at the corners of the mouth. Often, clients will complain that drool slightly collects in the corners of their mouth and they are not sure why this is happening. Amazingly, this can be fixed in an afternoon with a small amount of Juvederm to the corners of the mouth. Lips will look no different, but the frown is eliminated!
  4. Temple Trouble – Have you noticed that your temples are getting skinny? That is a common issue that is easily fixed with adding a small amount of Voluma injectable filler to “plump” the area back to normal. (Who ever thought our temples would be something to think about??)
  5. Turn the Other Cheek! – Have you noticed that your face is flatter than it used to be? Have you noticed jowls that would put Uga to shame? This is something that we notice due to lengthening of the cheek muscles that support the “apple” of the cheek and loss of facial fat over the years which affects even the roundest faces. We have some wonderful ways to help with this problem. Voluma is an injectable filler that will add volume to the cheek, not only bringing back some of the lost volume, but pulling back some of the lax skin creating a “facelift” effect. If you are not interested in injectables, we can discuss our NonSurgical Facelift program that will lift and tighten your entire face and neck in 6 weeks using gentle treatments that yield no downtime.
  6. Lets Talk Lips…..And I am not talking about LIPS! 99.9% of the clients that seek services with About Face Skin Care do not want to look like they have had ANYTHING done. Most of our clients want to look like they had a great night’s sleep and bought a new lipstick. When some clients hear the words lip filler, they panic. My happiest clients are those that suddenly don’t have to worry about feathering lipstick, “smoker’s pleats”( that seem to unjustly happen to non-smokers even more frequently), and lips that have rolled down into the mouth. A tiny amount of filler can repair these issues and no one will really be able to tell why you look less “drawn”. Of course, those who enjoy fuller lips are welcome! You just have to convince us that you really want fuller lips. We are seriously conservative. If you want to smooth and enlarge the lip are completely naturally- try Collagen Induction Therapy. CIT is a technique that uses tiny needles to tap onto numbed skin. The result is a natural stimulation in collagen fibers. This therapy may be used to turn back the clock on the entire face and is very popular at AFSC.
  7. Now About The Neck! – Often times the last thing we think would be the first thing to go, the neck deserves a category of its own. Fractora is a technology that utilizes radio frequency with microneedling that has blown us away with its rejuvenation effects on the neck, as well as the entire face. See our website for a video explanation of Fractora, as well as other treatments.
  8. Seeing Spots?  First of all, not all brown spots are the same. Your patch may be caused by too much fun in the sun, hormones, or acne. No matter how they came about, they are a nuisance and can be aging to the eye. Depending on the type of brown you have, we have many answers for you. From color correcting product to Intense Pulse Light Therapy, we have an option that we will make sure is safe for you skin type and type of discoloration.
  9. Softening of the Jaw Line– As we age, our once firm jaw line can get soft and undefined. Treatments like Fractora firm tissue giving you back that more youthful profile. Fillers, such as Voluma, can also be used to make the line more prominent and youthful.
  10. Thinning Lashes and Brows – Yet another effect of aging is the loss of hair in the lashes and brows. Sure you can pencil in brows and have lashes applied, but think of the joy of having your own hair grow again! Latisse is a very popular favorite at About Face Skin Care. After applying every evening for about 8 weeks, clients notice brows and lashes that are thicker and darker. After the initial growing period, you will need to use the product a few times a week to keep things “fertilized.”

With 19 years in the cosmetic business and 13 years of owning About Face Skin Care, I am excited that we have so many more options available than ever before. Check out our website at to see more information about what we do and to request an appointment. If you would like to come by for a free consultation to discuss any of these options in more detail, just let us know. We look forward to meeting you!

About Face Skin Care is located at the intersection of Janmar Road and Scenic Highway (Highway 124) in Snellville, behind Lowes. 770-629-9362

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