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You Points Pro

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What is YouPoints PRO?
YouPoints Pro is simply a referral reward program for professionals. This program allows participants across our vertical market to be rewarded with About Face Skin Care products and services or About Mind & Body membership at reduced costs, OR to have these aesthetic services at no charge.

Who can enroll?
Anyone who is employed with a company that has a professional agreement with About Face Skin Care and/or About Mind & Body.

Is there a cost to enroll?

What if I leave my current salon, are benefits transferrable?
Yes. However, you must inform our front desk with any change of information that we have on file or complete a change of information online.

Do points expire?

How do I earn points?
In addition to our longtime You Points consumer program where you earn a point for every dollar spent, our YouPoints PRO program will automatically give you 2500 points for every NEW client that you refer to About Face Skin Care. AFSC considers A NEW client to be one that is NOT contained in our medical practice database.

What is the process of referring a client?
When you enroll in YouPoints PRO, you will receive a supply of referral cards. These cards must be presented to AFSC in order to receive credit for the referral. When recommending us to one of your clients, you will need to instruct them to pass along the referral card so that we can log the transaction.

How do I sign up?
Two ways...
1. Fill out the back of the printed brochure.
2. Earn 500 points by enrolling online via the form above.

If I have a discrepancy, who do I reach out to at AFSC?
The PREFERRED and easiest way to resolve any issues will be to email us at That way there will be an audit trail and discussion thread for any issues or discrepancies. You can also call us at 770-629-9362. Your contact at AFSC will be Kathy Erisman.

Is there a limit to how many points I can redeem or earn?
Unlike our Consumer based YouPoints, you may purge all or partial of your available points at time of redemption.

Does the person I refer have to buy a product or service in order for me to earn points? No.

What does my client receive when they present the referral card?
Your client will receive $50 OFF any treatment/service. This offer CAN BE combined with any promotion that AFSC is running at the time of the transaction. The $50 OFF cannot be used toward retail products.

Are my points immediately available?
Since our program is mostly non-automated, points may not be immediately available. Therefore, allow 2-3 business days for points be posted.

How can I check my balance of points?
We will send out quarterly communication via email on your YouPoints Pro Balance. It is critical that we have an email on file in order for you to be notified.

What is dollar value for points?
2500 points = $50

Can you give me an example of the value I will receive for participating in this program?
Below example of a participant that has referred 2 clients to AFSC.

Example 1 :
Botox Treatment to frown lines. Average treatment dose: 23 units at $13/unit before any SALE applied for a total price of $299.00.
$299.00 – 15%(Sale) = $254.15
$254.15 - $100.00 = $154.15
$154.15 / 23 units = $6.70 per unit.

Example 2:
Signature Facial at $95 during a non-sale period of time.
FREE! (balance carried forward on unredeemed points)

Example 3:
Glycolic Peel
FREE! (balance carried forward on unredeemed points)

Can I use my Brilliant Distinction Points or Aspire in combination with my YouPoints?
Yes! This will further discount your transaction on any Allergan or Galderma purchase. It is strongly advised to ALSO register with these loyalty programs to further capture additional savings.

Brilliant Distinctions

Is there an optimum time to redeem my points?
Points can be redeemed at any time. However, you can combine your points with any promotion at AFSC and you may wish to redeem during our sale(s). IN ADDITION, there may be time in which AFSC will encourage redemption by offering to double your points with certain product offerings. Consequently, there may be times that we encourage referrals for double earnings, as well.

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