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12 Ideas for Christmas from About Face Skin Care 

Who wants a partridge or turtle doves to have to care for?  No.  You have better options for your true love to pursue this season.  Send Santa to About Face Skin Care to find the perfect gift to leave under your tree!  Here are our staff picks to complete everyone’s list.  The BEST part?  Mention this article and receive 15% off through December 16th!

1.  The Signature Facial.  Need a moment to relax, feel pampered AND get a great facial?  Look no further.  Our talented staff of aestheticians will guarantee a perfect mix of both leaving you with a glam glow for the New Year!

2.  Laser Hair Removal.  Are you tired of plucking, waxing and tweezing those hairs on your chinny, chin, chin?  We hear you!  Laser Hair Removal is safe for all skin types and will give you the soft, smooth, hair free skin you are looking for!  May be used to treat any unwanted body hair.

3.  See Your Spots GO!  Age spots are a sign of sun damage and can often be the reason many women feel they HAVE to wear makeup.  Why put up with that?  Lumecca IPL is a treatment that will break down red and brown spots on the skin leaving a more youthful appearance.  A bonus side effect?  Pores are tighter and wrinkles are less noticeable!

4.  Banish That Bulge.  If that tummy roll troubling you?  Have you tried diet and exercise with no real change? You need to consider Body FX Fat Reduction System.  Body FX is a treatment system that actually permanently breaks down the top thirty percent of the fat cells in the area treated.  May also be used to treat thighs, knees, arms, backs and any other pudgy areas that are troubling you. 

5.  Professional Brow Waxing.  Even if you are experiencing hair loss in the brow area, it is still important to see someone who understands this process to keep brows neat and shaped.  We are the pros.  Purchase a series of six or twelve treatments to keep brows looking great all year long!

6.  Save Your Face!  Calling all side sleepers!  Do you wake up with creases across your face?  Are they taking longer and longer to fade every morning?  We have a solution.  The exclusive design of this comfy pillow will allow you to enjoy that awesome side and tummy sleep, but allow your cheek and eye to be free from pressure.  Another bonus- you can breathe easier without the pressure on your nose!

7.  Fractora Facial Tightening.  This is hands down, no question, the best treatment me and my staff have ever witnessed.  The amazing effect of adding microneedling and radio-frequency together has blown us away.  After using this system for two years, we are even more satisfied than ever.  You will love it!

8.  Votivo Candles.  Our signature scent is Red Currant.  It continues to be a crowd pleaser after fourteen years of business.  This time of year, clients also love some of our holiday scents like Icy Blue Pine.  If you are looking for stocking stuffers or hostess gifts, you are in luck. 

9.  180 NonSurgical Facelift.  Are you ready to turn the clock back five to seven years?  Look no further.  This boot camp program lifts facial muscles, smooths skin, evens discolorations, and tightens skin of the face and neck.  After fourteen years of service, I can testify that these clients seem ageless.  This is definitely the treatment that put us on the map! 

10.  Lovely Lashes.  Have you always craved those long, luscious lashes?  Latisse is your answer!  Latisse is a product that you put on your lash base (like eyeliner) before bed each evening. Within eight weeks, you will notice fuller, darker and longer lashes.  Once you finish the initial nightly routine, use the product three times per week to maintain your results!

11.  Double Chin Blues.  It is a family trait.  Whether you weigh twenty pounds or two hundred, you have that pesky double chin.  We have an answer for you!  Kybella is a treatment that breaks down the volume of the double chin and gives you a thinner chin and more defined jawline.  An added bonus- the skin of the lower face tightens and lifts!  Can we say two birds with one stone?

12.  Makeover Your Makeup.  Have you been doing the same eyes for ten years?  Have your eyes changed in ten years?  Most likely it is time to update your look.  Schedule a makeover with our talented makeup artist and pick up tips and tricks.  Try our medical grade mineral makeup, for a makeup that treats skin while making it flawless!

Gift certificates may be purchased in person or online at  You may also schedule appointments online or give us a call at 770-629-9362.  We offer a free consultation to discuss your treatment options.  About Face Skin Care wishes you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and any other holidays you are celebrating.  We look forward to meeting you!

About Face Skin Care and About Mind and Body are located on Janmar Road in Snellville, behind Lowes.  Our address is 1569 Janmar Road, Suites B and C, 30078.

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