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Experience the Rewards of Life in Balance.

For every dollar you spend with About Face Skin Care, you will receive YouPoint rewards.  Your points will accrue, as the mirror reflects the incredible results of a committed skin care program with About Face Skin Care.  Points are also accrued with your purchases and membership through About Mind and Body.

All eligible purchases will be tracked by AFSC, using a valuation of:  1 dollar spent = 1 YOUpoint earned

  • On occasion, AFSC will provide incentives in which we offer the client additional bonus points based on certain specials, price points, or actions.
  • 1000 points equal $20.00 redeemed against a purchase with AFSC. A client may redeem 1000 points (One $20 gift card) every thirty days with a minimum purchase of $100(excluding taxes).
  • Eligible purchases include all services, series, packages, gift cards and merchandise purchased through AFSC. Points will not be awarded on tax charges, cancelled or missed appointments or on any charges associated with shipping & handling, and/or About Mind & Body memberships.
  • The About Face Skin Care/About Mind and Body (YOU points) Loyalty Program is provided by AFSC, which is responsible for the program operation. AFSC may change the terms of this program at any time with or without notice even though the changes may affect the number of points already accumulated.  AFSC will have the final decision should any disputes over Loyalty Points or the awarding of Loyalty Points arise.
  • AFSC reserves the right to terminate a members Loyalty Points account and cancel accrued Loyalty Points if AFSC believes, in its sole discretion, that the member is abusing the Loyalty Points program.
  • Any Loyalty Program member who fails at any time to earn Loyalty Points for a period of twelve (12) months is subject to termination of his or her membership and forfeiture of all accrued Loyalty Points.
  • Once a membership is terminated, all points are forfeited and cannot be reinstated.
  • If a client is unable to honor an appointment and fails to cancel, AFSC will send the client an email stating our records indicate there was a no-show. If a client’s account accumulates four (4) no-show reservations within a twelve month period, AFSC will cancel that account and all accrued points.

Program last updated:  7/7/2015

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