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The Style of Aging

Style is an individual concept. We recognize the bell bottoms, leg warmers and pillbox hats of the clothing industry. We can also recognize hairstyles when we remember the wedge, the curly perm, and the notorious “Rachel” of the 90’s. Many men and women choose to color their hair over time which is a style of aging, but many don’t realize that caring for the face is also a style that can be a choice.

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Are You Beach Ready?

Whether you are 26 or 62, you want to look your best when vacationing, particularly in the warmer months when we naturally show more skin. With the plethora of options available to keep us healthy and boost our natural glow, there is no reason not to feel good when...

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A Cure for Your Double Chin

The double chin can be a nemesis. Clients of all ages, genders, and ethnicities have sought my assistance for years to help with this area, and there has been little to truly make a difference. Thankfully, we have a wonderful new option that has helped us provide...

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Since the 1940’s, red lipstick has been the key symbol of feminine glamour. The classic red lip has served as a symbol of power. It is assumed you need confidence to wear red lipstick. Actually, it is red lipstick that gives you confidence. When choosing a red...

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Treating and Delegating Physician: Dr. Tina Ann-Kerr Thompson